Mladen Stojanović

Javascript Developer


Hello, I am Mladen Stojanovic, Javascript/Frontend developer
from Belgrade, Serbia.
I am currently working at


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About me:

I am an ex Civil Engineering student turned web developer. With engineering background and love for computers from an early age, I decided to take a turn in my career and switch to programming.

I am also a player and team captain for Vukovi Belgrade, one of Europe's best American Football teams, with whom I won many trophies and titles and I was also honored to be a part of Serbian National team in the last 6 years.

Being in a team sport for over 10 years shaped me to be a team-oriented person, with knowledge and experience of working with, and also leading a big, diverse group of people towards the same goal, it also made me accept mistakes, and work on them, instead of making excuses.

Technical stuff:


- Currently working in (and loving) React
- Apollo Client
- State management in Redux, Apollo-Link-State
- Server Side Rendering in React vanilla or with Next.js
- Typescript
- Storybook
- eslint, tslint, webpack, prettier
- Jest, Enzyme, react-testing-library
- Styles in .scss, cssModules, postcss/cssnext, styled components
- Everything JavaScript



- Nodejs
- MongoDB
- GraphQL
- Actively learning Python



- Git / Mercurial
- Agile methodologies (Scrum)
- Linux / Windows


2020-Present - Frontend/JavaScript developer @

2017-2020 - Frontend/JavaScript developer @ Levi9 Software Services

2016-2017 - Freelance Web Development


2017-Present - Software Engineering @ Singidunum University

2011-2017 - Civil Engineering @ Belgrade University


For further references and info you can contact me at or other places listed on top